Reunion, A Long Story Short



John Henning doesn’t know what’s hit him. Is it his high school friend’s ex-girlfriend, Kate? Is it Kate’s dog? Is it the cheerleader classmate turned john-law, who questions him about the shooting?

John and his misfit high school friends, are monitored after a shooting occurred at their 20th anniversary class reunion. But don’t ask John, or any of them for that matter, what happened. They have no clue, nor is it coincidence their paths recross. Their history demands absolute allegiance. A mystery lurks, much older and far more sinister than a mere shooting.

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American born L Dalton White lives this chapter of what has been an amazing journey in a small village in the Westerwald region of Germany. Since 2007 Dalton has had the opportunity to focus on fiction. With The Book of Jake and Complicity published, he continues with several other novels. They include Playing In The Band, Crackup, The Carpenter’s Companion, and So Long As It’s A Glass.