Give Up and Win



“Give up and win. Power isn’t power. Power is leverage

The fulcrum is money. The need for more comes from our spending

The Power feeds on our need. The power strives to create the desire in us to spend. We are trained that spending makes us feel good. The more we spend the more we work. The more we work the more we need to feel good

To feel better we go on vacation. We work hard for this. Our car is old we rent one for vacation. Our house needs a roof we stay in a motel on vacation

Our credit’s good low percentage rating. Use our plastic on vacation we look good. Feel good––on vacation. Back to work. We talk about vacation. Roof starts leaking. We use the plastic. Feels good. We have good credit. The bills pile up. We consolidate. Percentage rating went up. But we’re doing good. We have good credit. Sofa’s on sale. We can save. Our old one is comfortable.

But this one is new. Feels good. After working––to have a new couch. Our car is dying––paint looks old. Zero percent financing. We can save a bundle.

It’d a cost a thousand to fix our old car. The paint would be the same. Zero percent. We can save. This new buggy’s on sale. A twenty thousand dollar car

for only seventeen thousand, ninety-five dollars. We’re savin a bundle here.

Thank God for TV––and all these great ideas. Feel like a winner now.

Wait a minute ––I’m not thinking. I’m spending my way into a lifelong payback. How can someone as smart as me let someone else put me in this rut? I wasn’t thinking. The fulcrum is in place. And the Power keeps telling me to spend.

To feel better. There goes my old car––still running. I sold it five years ago. I got another old one. Almost paid for––I’ll fix this one. Take it on vacation––go camping. Fishing. Now I’m thinking. Those hotel bills won’t show up––after vacation.

Wow ––that vacation felt good. I get it––I enjoy more. Work less. Feel great. And the Power loses strength. That feels best.

Feels so good to sit on this old couch. Just gettin broke in–– I’ll skip that new one. Have time to relax on my old one.

Now I’m Thinking.”