When Natalie finds proof that her now

 ex-boyfriend’s father might be alive, she also discovers that knowing him at all has placed her in tremendous danger. Pete helped a teenage girl forced into prostitution by an outlaw biker gang to escape. If Natalie can’t produce Pete, she may be forced to fill the empty bed in their criminal organization.






The Book of Jake

Jake has endured tragedies and abuses, and inflicted a few, the lot stuffed into the dark corners of his mind. He remains stuck in his forgetting. I hope he’ll come to understand why he needs me and why his gifts are not his curses.

But, since the accident, we’ve become an endless argument…


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Ling Diary & Other Poems

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“Make this the rule: always remember that your Censor’s negative opinions are not the truth. This takes practice. By spilling out of bed and straight onto the page every morning, you learn to evade the Censor. Because there is no wrong way to write the morning pages, the Censor’s opinion doesn’t count.”

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American born L Dalton White lives this chapter of what has been an amazing journey in a small village in the Westerwald region of Germany. Since 2007 Dalton has had the opportunity to focus on fiction. With The Book of Jake and Complicity published, he continues with several other novels. They include Playing In The Band, Crackup, The Carpenter’s Companion, and So Long As It’s A Glass.