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The CW 101 Challenge

Those shutters sideways.


In front of what were windows, on smudged shutters, time and grime spat a generation’s worth of neglect and disdain for the kids on the inside.


The kids who would soon come outside, busting through glass and wood to paint their generation’s worth of rage and contempt for what they were left with, what they had to take upon themselves to break out of, and in the process, destroy.


Generations repeat generations, shutters sideways until the next kid bursts through.


In every picture a story, beyond the visual implores the witness to tell with words…

What’s your take?


 A Manifesto

After All These Years

 A statement of purpose, poems and poetry as life’s breath, expressed as the metric length to exhale “saying” what needed said.

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Astonishment at the mere minutes it took to industrially harvest a five acre cornfield.




Ling Diary

Inspired by Hugh Kenner’s 1971 publication of The Pound Era, Ling conjures an experience of awe before the ineffable. Ezra Pound‘s study and use of the Chinese character in his poetry attempted to suffuse direct action, transitiveness, into western poetic form.

Ling Diary dedicates itself to that timeless principal in story poems.



The Complicity Dedication





An old friend who has inspired so many, certainly, and actually hitchhiked from Connecticut to Hawaii, inspired me to write my second novel, Complicity. I hope he’s chuckling over having his poetry remembered with our live audio.







Hints and Clues

Explores the awkward moments when one asks, “is this happening?” Searches for words almost without success.

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American born L Dalton White lives this chapter of what has been an amazing journey in a small village in the Westerwald region of Germany. Since 2007 Dalton has had the opportunity to focus on fiction. With The Book of Jake and Complicity published, he continues with several other novels. They include Playing In The Band, Crackup, The Carpenter’s Companion, and So Long As It’s A Glass.